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Find early stage city development projects and plans

For real estate developers

Track all updates on Sweden’s planned city development plans, public tenders, building permits and properties.

High-rise building in Malmö

Find relevant construction data for your business

Lifting crane behind condominiums

Monitor all of Sweden and find new construction opportunities

+80 customers in Sweden

Our platform helps more than 80 companies find new development opportunities every day

The Building Developer’s Search Engine

Spend less time hunting for information manually. Create a faster and better overview of a new area with Combify; the platform makes it easy to find and analyse potential real estate projects.

Browser bar
Delimitation of the zoning planSatellite image
Information on the detailed plan

Find new opportunities with the map or dashboard

Get an instant overview of all Sweden’s development plans, public tenders, building permits and properties.

Always be up-to-date on the latest information
Find new building projects
Use for internal reporting
Plan strategically and minimise investment risks
Browser barThe platform with map function and filtering

Filter searches based on your needs

Search and filter freely among tens of thousands of results and be matched with the projects your business is mostly interested in.

The information is updated every 24 hours
Filter by municipality, category, plan date and keywords
Save both time and money
Discover otherwise missed opportunities
Browser barThe platform with advanced filtering

Keep an eye on projects of your interest and follow their updates to plan your next development on time.

Monitor all activities and public tenders in all of Sweden’s cities based on your interest.

Never miss information about ongoing public tenders
Get updates as soon as changes have been made
Keep an eye on your competitors’ activities
Browser barIndividual project on the platform
A practical example

How Combify is used by Real Estate Developers

You are real estate developers operating in Gothenburg, specializing in building schools. Here's how you could use the platform:

Architect-designed residential building
Benefits of Combify

For Architects

Find collaboration opportunities for with real estate developers

Be informed on ongoing projects around your current project areas

Save time and find new development opportunities today

Make sure you take advantage of all potential development opportunities by not limiting yourself. Give yourself opportunities with Combify.

Office complex

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Architect-designed residential building
Benefits of Combify

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